Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Our Prize Giveway!

I've been trying to think what would make a good giveaway prize for our little Elf (the movie) trivia contest. Aha! I've made 25 corn heat bags as gifts from me this Christmas, and I think it's the perfect little giveaway. Everyone- the very young and a tad bit old can use these cozy bags.

This is a petite pillow; filled with corn. Just heat for 1 minute and use it for aches and pains, cramps, headaches or just to warm you up! My kids take theirs to bed each night and I don't need to turn their heater on- their bags keep them warm!

If you want to enter our contest to win- hurry up! Contest ends on Christmas Eve and there's only a few entries. You've got pretty good odds to win!


always sunny said...

how wonderful!! what a great idea.

mom said...

yippee! I've been using my other corn bag, and it feels so wonderful! now I can soothe two aches at the same time!