Monday, August 18, 2008

The Pudding Fight of 2008

on the last day of our TKD summer day camp, we had a big water fight and pudding fight. Here's how a pudding fight works- two teams (girls vs boys) and each team has a king or queen that you keep a secret from the other team. Each team gets a big bucket full of "pudding" (boxes of instant pudding mix + water) and dixie cups, and you toss pudding at the members of the opposite team, trying to get their white shirts dirty. Once the pudding has ran out, we reveal the king and queen of each team, put them side by side to compare who was the cleanest. The team with the cleanest royalty wins!

Bad news for my little sweet pea- only four girls on the team wore white shirts, and since the royalty MUST be wearing a white shirt; they boys knew she had a 25% chance of being the queen. Plus, since she was the littlest and youngest, she probably got dumped on more.
She was a tough little cookie, played through the end, and didn't realize how cold she was until the game was over.