Saturday, August 16, 2008

Rite Aid- Wrong Way

The other day I transferred a prescription to Rite Aid. I was hoping to just post everybody a coupon I found, you get a free $30 Rite Aid gift card, and entered to win a chance to win gas for a year. (Click HERE for a download of the coupon). I know we're all broke, so a $30 gift card is pretty nice!

I called yesterday to see if it was ready for pickup, here's a breakdown of the conversation:

RiteAid: "Yes, it's here... it comes to $43.99".
Me: "Um... no; it's a generic and should only cost $4 for a 30 day supply." (at least in WA state, you can now get generic prescriptions for about $4 at Target, Fred Meyers and Walgreens, most other stores too)
RiteAid: "Oh, do you not have insurance?"
Me: "No, and at Target my medication is only $4 a month."
RiteAid: "OK, I did some changes... now it's only $35!"
Me: "NO, it should be $4. This is for the generic version, right? What about the "$4 a month" program everybody has?"
*gal gets manager on the phone*
Me: "I was told my prescription was $45 and then $35. Don't you have the $4/month program like everyone else?"
RiteAid: "you have to ask for that special price."
Me: "Well then, this is me ASKING for the special price!" (and this is also me starting to get a bit annoyed with the whole situation.)
RiteAid: "We don't really have that $4 program, but we price match other pharmacies. I've can do it at $4 for a month's supply."

So I'm not sure really what I think of RiteAid. It frustrates me that they wouldn't offer that in the first place- do the pharmacists themselves make money off people that pay the full price? They were very nice on the phone, and did give me what I wanted; but isn't the goal for good customer service is not to swindle the customer in the first place?!