Monday, August 18, 2008

A Letter To Michael Phelps

Dear Mr. Phelps,

Thank you for winning 8 gold medals. Thank you for making swimming so exciting to watch. Thank you for demonstrating good sportsmanship and honoring our country. While I am a wee bit disappointed you didn't set a new world record in the 100fly, thank you for reaching out just 1/100th of a second faster. You had me worried and gave me quite the scare.

But mostly, thank you for becoming my 4 year old daughter's new favorite Olympian; and because of you, we now have no more fighting about washing her hair in the bathtub. When I pointed out to her that "Michael Phelp's isn't afraid to put his head under the water, you know" she instantly said, "OK then, go ahead." and there were no screams or crying when I rinsed her hair. It was pure magic.

Good luck in your continued training, we look forward to another awesome Olympic Games in London in 2012.


Jessica Gran

PS Enjoy holding all those World Records now; because my son is going to come and smash your records when he competes in the 2016 Summer Olympics.


always sunny said...

oh also,
enjoy the 40 million in endorsements you have lined up. that will be a little extra spending money that you did not have before.