Saturday, August 30, 2008

Brand Spankin' New... for your little Miss

Miss Manners Baby- set of five cloth lunchbox napkins. $20

A custom appliqued set of five cloth napkins for your little girl's lunch box. One for each day of the week! Moms love them because they are adorable and reusable (and create less waste than paper napkins) and girls love them because they're just the right size with special designs just for them.

Made from high quality dishtowels (like our dishtowel aprons), each napkin is sized for your little girl's dainty fingers and lap, each is 7" square.

This is our chocolate bonbon set; with chocolate brown napkins with pink coordinating handmade appliques.Each set contains the following: two hearts, one cupcake and one ice cream cone, and one custom appliqued letter of your choice.

This listing is reserved, but if you'd like your own set, just ask! Look in our shop for other sets as we get them made.