Thursday, August 28, 2008

Adult (School) Supplies

This year, don't leave school supply shopping just for the kids. Update your office with these fun finds from the Museum of Modern Art's online store.

These are the coolest ever- it's a hand shredder, designed like scissors. I know I could walk over and use the obnoxiously loud paper shredder; but I could release some of my pent up work frustration and shred the heck outta that darn document. It's therapy in the shape of office supplies.

Send a quick thank you note with this mix and match Andy Warhol whimsical 60's inspired stationary. The set of sixteen even comes with stickers to seal the deal.

Paperweights are trendy when they're witty and smart. Music lovers beware, this pretty one is only $25 and sure to be the envy of the office.

These Desk Dots are so fun, I know they'd be a distraction if they were sitting on my desk. But they look cool and I'm sure I have enough self control to resist and stay on task, right?!

And finally, it's a luxury at $650, but worth ten times that amount in coolness. Named the Daedalus Lamp (after the Greek mythological inventor) it activates or dims just by touching the base.