Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Black Belt Board Breaks

This last Taekwondo testing we had to come up with a creative board break, instead of going off the usual list of required breaks.
I decided to demonstrate a real life situation; as if I was walking out to my car with the baby on my hip, from the store. The purpose of board breaking in marital arts is to show "evidence of power"; and I want to make sure I've got power if a bad guy tries to do anything to me in the parking lot!
You can't tell too well, but my breaks are a knee strike (to the groin), elbow strike (to the solar plexus), and a backfist (to the face). Enjoy.
Oh, and if you were wondering... yes, I passed my test. ;)


kim* said...

my nephew does some type of karate, he spretty good to, a tiny lil thing but keeps movin up in the belts.