Thursday, July 31, 2008

Off Duty Pillowcase

The concept is pretty cool, but I don't think these On/Off Duty Pillowcases will work in my bedroom. I can see myself trying to steal the "off duty" pillow from beneath my husband as he sleeps so I never have to take a turn. And vice versa, as I am definitely equally yoked in the "stubborn as a mule" department.

Wanna know my latest sneaky secret? If I'm really that tired, and it's time to pull out the dirty tricks, I just say, "The baby's crying. I got up with her an hour ago and you said you'd take the next turn. Please go get her." I can't use this one too much, or he'll catch on. Shh... don't tell on me.


always sunny said...

i loved that one. and they do eventually catch on. dammit.