Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Conversation with Ms. Edna Mode

Psst... don't tell Ms. Edna Mode what we've been making lately. She might think we're trying to take her job. If you've seen the fabulous Pixar movie The Incredibles, you know what we're talking about. We decided to break the news ourselves to her, since we know she'd find out through the fashion grapevine otherwise.

Here's part of a transcript of a recent conversation between us and the oh-so-chic Edna Mode:

babyhoot: "Hello Ms. Mode, first of all, you are so talented. We love what you made for Elasta Girl. So practical yet so trendy. BTW, did you see our latest product we've got featured in our shop?"
Edna Mode: "Hmmph. No Capes."
B: "But you see, Ms. Mode, we've created an ingenious velcro closure at the neck to prevent injuries!"
E.M.: "No! No Capes."
B: "In fact ma'am, we searched intentionally looking for velcro that isn't super strong- it gives at a slight tug so no heroes will get choked. We try each one out to make sure it's safe!"
E.M.: "Reahlly?"
B: "Yes, we promise! We have kids ourselves, so safety is very important!"
E.M.: "Well, that's just fahbulous dahling! Good luck then."

If you'd like to do any superhero shopping of your own, dahling, click HERE for our shop.