Monday, May 12, 2008

Reasons why I love my mom

this is one of my favorite pictures of my mom and the kids at a Taekwondo tournament last year. Baby was only eight days old.

Here's a list of some of the reasons why I love my mom. And, I never knew how much she loved me until I had my own kids. NOW I get it.

- - -

She is a good listener, and does an amazing job at resisting the urge to interrupt and give her opinion. And she lets me parent my kids and supports me no matter what.

She's always supported every crazy idea I've ever had- wanting to join the CIA and be an agent, feeding the baby only homemade organic baby food (that lasted only a few weeks), getting married a month after graduating from high school (it's our nine year anniversary in July!), and many more ideas I'm sure she wasn't too keen on or knew it wouldn't last.

She loves real Christmas trees so much, that when ours died before Christmas, she showed up with another, quite-expensive-'cuz-that's-all-that-was-left live tree while I was at work; took down all the ornaments and lights off the brown tree; ran out to buy a new tree stand because she broke the other one while disposing of the tree; and then set the new tree up in the new stand; and then called and told me what she did.

I know we didn't have lots of money growing up. But we never felt like we didn't.

She kicks *ss! She's a fourth degree black belt. She can break boards about six different ways with just her right hand. She's awesome. Enough said.

Thankfully, never did follow through on the threat that she'd come to my school in a ratty bathrobe and curlers in her hair.

Wasn't too keen on becoming a grandma so young; but instantly fell in love with the baby and being called grandma when she held her grandchild for the first time.

Lets her grandkids tear up her office every time we're there. And then she cleans it up. each time.

Let me decorate my room however I wanted to. And we got to paint the kitchen a cool shade of purple.

Taught me to be confident and not let anyone advantage of me. Whether it was a teacher, a boy, or a store that wasn't giving the best customer service. And then she'd rip them a new one when they deserved it. (made a few school field trips uncomfortable when she told Lakisha to stop acting like that and shape up.)

Sang the silliest songs when I was little. Still does. I thought she made the songs up, but I guess they're real songs. And now, I sing them to my kids.

Paid for my braces because our insurance didn't cover them, and never got mad when I stopped wearing my retainer and my teeth got crooked again.

Sewed me dresses when I was younger. And now that I sew, I know that was a lot of work.

As a teenager, if I was ever in an uncomfortable situation while out with my friends, I was supposed to call her and tell her I thought I was going to throw up (because nobody argues and wants to be around a vomiting person) and she would never question what was going on. Except, the one time I did feel sick it was for real and I wasn't misbehaving, and I'm not sure what she thought I was up to.

Doesn't complain that I don't hug her enough. I know, four hugs a year isn't very many. I'll try harder.

She went to every band concert, basketball game, track meet and all other school functions. She was always there for everything.

Bought me my boxy little '83 BMW 320i as a first car instead of the cool muscle car she wanted me to have (and I kept telling her "No Mustangs!!" what was wrong with me).

I love her because I know she started crying when she just read the title of the blog, and didn't get to the list yet. I could never figure out why she cried at my high school graduation (everybody graduates! not a big deal!) but when I was tearing up at Sharkboy's preschool play last year, I figured it out.

Happy Mother's Day Mom!