Thursday, April 3, 2008

who needs savings bonds when you've got a mouthful of teeth?

Guess what?! Sharkboy has two loose teeth! It's his first set of loose teeth and he's pretty excited about it. I can see the dollar signs in his eyes as he talks about getting money from the tooth fairy... which makes me wonder what the going rate is now. I got $1 for each tooth. I know its been twenty-some years, but I think $1 is still a good amount for a six year old!

So glad I made him a babyhoot. toothfairy pillow. (because there's no way I want to have to climb up in that tiny bunkbed in the middle of the night to search for a tooth... to give to the tooth fairy, I mean...) Guess we'll get to try out our design for real soon! We sewed in some twill tape so you can hang the pillow from the door knob (that's right, the tooth fairy doesn't even have to open that squeaky door anymore!). There's a little pocket in the front for the tooth, and the back of the pillow is all pocket, big enough for not just dollars but little presents too. Like a new toothbrush.

Kinda funny, Sweetbaby is working hard to get her baby teeth in; and now Sharkboy is wriggling his constantly in hopes of big money. Luckily it's Sweetpea's birthday month so she'll get lots of presents to distract her from her soon-to-be-rich brother.