Thursday, April 3, 2008

I want these!

Christina has always been obsessed with Crocs. She bought a pair for Sweetpea, and wanted to get her more pairs last year for her birthday. Then, Christina shows up on Sunday with the most awesome shoe ever... Crocs that are slippers!

These aren't your normal, typical Croc- there's a faux fur slipper lining inside the, and they're called the 'Mammoth' Croc! I think that meets my selective, "worlds-best-slipper" criteria- gotta be able to wear them outside, gotta be washable, gotta be comfy and practical. The description on these even say they're antimicrobial and odor-resistant! Perfect.

I want these. I NEED these. And now I can wear my slippers to drive Sharkboy to school; and I won't have to avoid eye contact with the teacher who's making it obvious she wants me to get out of the car to talk- because, hey! they're Crocs, not slippers! And that fuzzy little lining will be my little secret.

Now I just gotta figure out what color goes best with my pajamas...


Mosaico said...

You know I've never really liked crocs or slippers. This hybrid has changed my mind.

babes of babyhoot. said...

You know what- I have always hated crocs too! I should have written that down. :) That's why I was so excited about these.
glad somebody else likes 'em too.