Sunday, December 27, 2009

YUM. For Reals.

I haven't tried this recipe yet (only because I'm a. not at home and b. don't have the ingredients yet) but after reading through the ingredients and seeing pictures- I can confidently say YUM! These cheese puffs look so darn good.
I found the recipe on a blog called The Pioneer Woman Cooks and she's got amazing pictures and walks you through the cooking steps.
I think I'm gonna make these for New Years Eve. I like that you can freeze them and then pop 'em in the oven too. (yeah, I'll be making a bag of these for unexpected guests- now, if I can only perfect this phrase without inflecting my voice to sound like I'm lying. "Why yes, we LOVE it when people stop by unexpectedly! In fact, in ten minutes my first batch of cheese puffs will be ready... do come in and stay a while...")