Saturday, December 26, 2009

Eight Arms are better than Two

That's just a kewl looking scarf, huh?! Yeah, well it's mine. So THERE. :) So if you don't know, babyhoot consists of sisters Jessica & Christina (and our youngest sister Lacey is starting to sew too). Every year for Christmas, our siblings and the spouses draw names for Christmas. Christina has this thing for owls, and I (Jess) like octopi. (yup, that's plural for octopus) And Lacey- well, her 19 yr old self loves anything to do with Paris, Team Jacob, and feathery jewelry.

Anyways, I found this cool shop on Etsy called Zen Threads, and they had screen printed scarves in three designs: an owl, an octopus, and the Eiffel Tower. It was so meant to be.

I bought CK the owl scarf for Christmas, and a week before Christmas my package arrives- but it's not the scarf; it's a T-shirt. It was cool, but not what I ordered. Zen Threads was awesome, they sent the right item right away (I got it three days later!) and even let me keep the tee. I love it when I find professional, awesome shops on Etsy. And when I find something I LOVE, I gotta share it with our blog followers.

Speaking of things we LOVE, Christina says she loves the scarf's material- so I bought the octopus scarf for myself yesterday. And maybe Lacey will get the Eiffel Tower scarf for her birthday. :)