Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Howdy, this is my buffalo named Bukkaka Super Naka...

buffalo greeting card by pumpkin girl on Etsy (of course)

This past weekend my hubby and I went away (without the kids!) to celebrate our anniversary. We drove past a handful of farms when he longingly said, "I want to have a farm with lots of buffaloes." (he said more to it, but that's all you need for this story). I told him whatever animals he may end up with, to not let the kids name the animals. He didn't understand why, so I sent my sister a text message that just said "ask sweetpea if we had two buffaloes what would she name them?"

This was the text reply we got back a few minutes later:

"She wants to name them Bukaka Super Naka and Spunkaka"

(Sweetpea has been in this phase where she thinks she's speaking "Spaniglish" and she makes up all sorts of words)

So there ya have it folks. Never promise to go with a name the kids made up before you hear it first.