Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Hotdog!

While some of you may be standing in a long line at the post office tonight to postmark your tax return (procrastinators!!!), tonight I will be celebrating my daughter's 5th birthday with a special birthday dinner of hotdogs, hashbrowns, ketchup, and cherry coke- per her request, of course.
And speaking of April 15th birthdays... we know of eight other people having a birthday today as well, ranging from turning 4 to 86 yrs old. AND- there's a family we know that's having a planned C-Section today at noon too!

Let me guess... you know of somebody that's got a Tax Day Birthday too. Are they requesting hotdogs as well?!


Jen said...

Happy Birthday Karis! Hope she enjoyed her special birthday dinner.

MrsDragon said...

Actually, tax day is my bil's birthday. : D

I think he's a bit past the hot dog stage though. ; )