Friday, April 17, 2009

Bella's Twilight Bag

OK, I know I'm not a teenage girl but I like Twilight. (there, I said it). We rented the movie out of curiosity when it came out a few weeks ago, and it was better than I thought it would be! So, curious as I was, I borrowed all four books from my sister (who IS a teenage girl) and got a bit obsessed, and then proceeded to read them all within a three day period.

Anyways, I found this cool bag on Etsy and I think it'll be easier if I just cut and paste what the shop owner of Stitchandswash wrote! Enjoy!

As seen in "Twilight"! Bella's bag is now available... awhile back I was contacted by a props manager about one of my bags that had been purchased at the Seattle boutique Velouria. the bag was being used in a movie they were shooting in the northwest, and they needed a duplicate for the stunt double asap. I stayed up late and whipped up a duplicate that night, then overnighted it to her in Portland. little did I know that the movie was the huge blockbuster Twilight! the large tote was used throughout the movie as Bella's main bag (besides her orange bookbag she takes to school). you can see it in the opening scene when she's grabbing her bags from her dad's patrol car. She uses it when she goes to Port Angeles and gets chased in a dark alley by bad guys. she also uses it to pack later in the movie when she runs away from Forks. after seeing the movie I've decided to make this design available to any Twilight lovers out there! and since I'm making it exactly like the bag that's in Twilight, it's the one bag in my shop that's made from new leather, not recycled.


Anonymous said...

can i just say that i feel much better knowing that i am not the only non-teenager (29 years old here) that devoured those 4 books one after another in a three day weekend span? my husband was is literally all i did. but i loved them- loved might even be an understatement. i bought this bag a few days ago...can't wait for it to arrive. its fabulous looking in the photos.