Sunday, December 21, 2008

So Much Snow!

The last time I can remember when we had so much snow at once, I was maybe 5 years old. I can't believe how much snow we've gotten these last few days! I think we've had at least 12 inches in the last 24 hours. (that's a LOT of snow for being in Seattle)

Me: "when we had tons of snow, my grandpa made me an igloo." Kids: "dad, make us an igloo!"

The boys decided to fortify their igloo in case of combat. We got a snow brick maker as a gift last weekend an hour before the snow started, it's come in handy since we got it!

The igloo can fit two kids and two dogs. (the dogs took off before I could take their pic)

It doesn't even look like we made a dent in our snow supply, so I suggested they make a castle on the other side of the yard for the girls. Here's the base, it'll get finished tomorrow.


Jeanne said...

Those bricks are crazy! I remember making igloos...but now I prefer staying inside when it's snowing.

Grove Designs Co, aka Kriskropmemories said...

I am in Vancouver B.C. (actually Langley) so I completely get the snow thing, it's crazy, the temp is getting me though, way to cold.
Anyway do you have any idea where to get the brick maker, I love the idea of the igloo!

babyhoot. said...

this brick maker was from Land of Nod (click on the word "brick maker" in the blog post and it should take you there) but I've heard you can get them at Target too.