Monday, December 1, 2008

Snow Much Fun!!

Have you gotten lots of snow yet this year? Be prepared BEFORE the snow hits so you've got some fresh, new snowy ideas to entertain the kids with:

-build a fort
- create a snow maze
- go tubing as a family
- make a snow scavenger hunt
- play snow golf
- pin (OK, stab) the carrot on the snowman
- bullseye (practice your pitch)
- play freeze tag
- have a hula hoop contest in the snow (it's a lot harder with all those layers!)
- and of course...SNOWBALL FIGHT!!


Sweetest Petula said...

but what if I don't have kids? I still want to do all these delightful things.

babyhoot. said...

good point. OK, kids*= the young at heart. That's better. :)

my son would probably like to add "write your name in the snow... with pee" as one of the activities too.