Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Resolutions

Every year, Jan 1st I'd have a go at a new resolution. Jan. 3rd I'd be cranky from not having perfect results. Jan. 4th I'd decide to drop the resolution and stop being so hard on myself, and just enjoy life instead.

This year- I have three goals. (excuse me while I write them down so I don't forget.) OK, done. Ooh, look, I have five goals! But, I'm not going to post my resolutions. I'm going to just do them, and perhaps people will notice.

See, I have friends and family that read my blog. So, if they see a difference, they'll say something.

What's your plan for the new year? Are you one of those "New Year, New Me" type of person, or a "Who Really Cares?" person.


avagdro said...

Thanks to all.My resolutions include stop procrastination,stop cynicism, stop comparing,stop complaining,stop Competing,stop Contending,stop criticizing, Challenging great goals such as world peace n Happiness of Others.To built a strong sense of responsibility.
Wish you all a Joyful New Year.

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