Friday, August 8, 2008

Why I love the Olympics

I LOVE the Olympics. I love them for so many reasons- the countries come together and unite; the athletes are so talented and (most) events are exciting to watch; and I love sports, so naturally, watching the best in the world smash world records is pretty exciting. I also love how the news media takes a break from all the political stuff, the murders and the economy disaster to air Olympic coverage.

I've found myself loving the games for another reason, now that I've got kids- they make me think my kids can do anything (which, they can!). You'll hear in interviews athletes saying they started learning their sport when they were five, or seven years old (which are my kids' ages) and it gives me chills just thinking what their future could hold.

The picture there is the 2008 Beijing Olympic Mascots. We learned all about them at our Olympic themed summer camp. Each colored mascot represents: a different olympic ring, a different sport (blue is water sports, green is gymnastics, etc); and each ring on the olympic flag represents the continents that compete. Plus, in China using the double sounds for names (such as Nini, JingJing or HuanHuan) is a way they show endearment for kids. Put the mascots' names together and "Bei Jing Huan Ying Ni" means, "Beijing Welcomes You"! 

Isn't that cool?!