Sunday, August 10, 2008

7 Left To Go

While he says only himself and his coach knows what his Olympic goals are; as a competitive person myself I can promise you Michael Phelps' goals are to get eight gold medals (one for each of the events he competes in). You can't win big if you don't aim big.
So congrats to our fave swimmer, for not just his 1st '08 Gold Medal but for smashing the previous World Record by 1.4 seconds (the WR that HE set in June!). What a way to come in
 and set that mood and tone for competition!
SweetPea's favorite person to watch now is Phelps, and if she'd hold still long enough I'd be able to get a picture of her when she's watching the Olympic Swim Events. She's usually got a pair of goggles on (swim or scuba goggles) and "diving" off the couch (only when Mommy makes the "beep!" sound) and runs around the family room, swimming away.
Do your kids (or yourself!) want his autograph? Click HERE for a link to his homepage; look on the bottom and you'll see the address to send a SASE to.