Sunday, August 3, 2008

It's Finally August 3rd!

I LOVE the Blue Angels. As soon as school would get out for the summer, I would start looking forward to the first weekend in August. (that's when they always visit Seattle for the Seafair festival) I hope everybody has gotten to see a show at least once! We're spoiled, as Seattle's one of the only places they come to every year.

The last few years, we'd go watch them from Boeing Field, which is a really cool place because you get to watch them take off and land. Then, you can go on the other side of the Museum of Flight and meet the pilots, etc. after the show. But, while we get to watch the beginning and ending of the show, you can't see much of the middle part as it's closer to Lake Washington.

So this time, we went to Madison Park to catch the show. While it wasn't the best spot to see the maneuvers, they would turn around RIGHT OVER US and it was awesome. I love how you see them, and then the noise comes after they've left. I love how it's so loud and rattles your whole body. (sidenote: when I'm in heaven and not scared anymore, I want to be a fighter jet pilot. If possible.)

And, tomorrow we're off to Boeing Field. So what if I watch the show twice? They're only here once a year!

click HERE for some great photos from the Saturday Seattle show