Thursday, June 5, 2008

Removable Wall Art- Genius!

I've loved both Vinyl Wall Art (aka Holly on Etsy) and her blog (notice it's been on our "favorite blog" list) for a while, and I always check in on their Creating Cupcakes blog because it's so cute. I'm working on re-doing Sharkboy's room; and because he changes his mind so often about what he wants me to paint on the walls (right now he's got all sharks-big surprise, right?!) I was thinking about getting some vinyl wall art. It's removable and affordable, so I don't mind if he wants to change his mind and switch to SpaceBoy in a few years.

I've wanted this one for a few months, I think it'd look great in my dining room

and I want a tree in the family room! I also want my family room to look like this.

I will tell you this, there is a bit of an ulterior motive for blogging about them (even though I'd do it just because!) Everyone who blogs about Vinyl Wall Art gets a small vinyl freebie! Woo hoo! Now, off to check out the site again to see which freebie I want! And if you blog, be sure to check out how to get your freebie!