Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Learning Disguised As Fun

I've been wanting to share this awesome game with you guys for a while, and just searched the house for twenty minutes to see where SweetPea had hidden her game. See how dedicated I am?!

It's a game called Alphabet Match Up Game that comes in a cute little box, and all the cards are oversized and glossy, with great graphics. I might get an extra set to use as decor in the play room, they are so darn cute! Best of all, they're only $13 at Amazon. Made by a company called Peaceable Kingdom Press, there's 12 different sets of Match Up Card Games with equally adorable graphics.

I love taking this to restaurants. We can play the usual memory game (find the two matching letters), or we can use them as flashcards, or use them to make words (I give sharkboy five cards mixed up and he has to make it into a word in less than sixty seconds). They're also great to have on hand for those last minute birthday parties when you have one hour to come up with a gift for a kid both you and your child don't know very well.

Learning disguised as fun. Now if only I can get the restaurant to disguise green beans as a dessert.


Andrea Q said...

Looks like a great game!