Wednesday, May 28, 2008

We Heart Hammerheads!

obviously we didn't really name our son Sharkboy; but that's his super cool "blog name". He's loved sharks since he was two years old- that's more than half of his life! Sharkboy wants to grow up and study sharks and educate people to stop killing them. As you can imagine, we've got lots of shark stuff in our house, and here's a little mini treasury of awesome hammerhead stuff I found online! Enjoy!

we have this hammerhead stuffed animal. The teeth are hard plastic and kinda hurt! (but, it's really cool, so it's worth it...) Hammerheads' teeth are triangular and serrated.

These etched pub glasses were the first thing we bookmarked on Etsy. Hunterglass has many more shark treats in shop too. The three most dangerous hammerhead species are the great, scalloped and smooth hammerheads.

OK, these socks are super cool. Did you know there's nine types of hammerhead sharks?

Swim trunks, another great find from the Gap. Hammerheads like to eat stingrays. People, not so much.

There's two dorsal fins on most sharks. The other ones are called the pelvic fin, anal fin, and caudal fin (the tail). But hammerheads don't have an anal fin. Did ya know that? T shirt from Lands End.

A perfect accessory for a six year old boy. Or anyone who loves sharks. I wonder how many sharks are printed on the watch- probably less than 66. That's the most recorded pups a pregnant mother has been found carrying at one time.