Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Free Giveway Ends this Saturday

our first giveaway, a free Messy Baby Bib, ends this Saturday (May 31st). So far, we've had just two entries! Send us your pic of your messy baby and we'll add it to the ones we have. email is:

Don't have a pic to submit? Then just leave a comment here, tell us something fun about messy babies. the worse mess you ever had to deal with. the worst mess you ever dished out. why your hubby needs a messy baby bib when he's eating ribs...

Finley, age 1 not sure what he's eating; but I think he liked it!

Mataya, age 1. Presuming she's eating birthday cake. For the first time.

MY sweet baby, eating her birthday cake for the first time too!

See all the bibs you have to choose from, random-winner-picked-on-Saturday?

ooh, this just in... one more VERY messy baby, Maguire. What's with all the messy babies with birthday cake?! Oh, I remember- because it's that fun right of passage and it makes great pics!


pinkeareddog said...

HAHAHA! What great pictures!
I'm sorry I don't have one to share yet, but I'm due in September and would love to be entered to win. Thanks for hosting this!

LeaKarts said...

My daughter is 8 now, and while she still gets a bit messy, it's NOTHING like peas all over the place! I do have a godson that could use a bib, though, so here's my worst messy story (warning! this is really gross!):
When my daughter was just a few months old, she was laying in her bouncy chair looking so sweet and peaceful. I leaned down to kiss her little rose-petal shaped lips. Suddenly, she opened her mouth, and through several feet of air came the most disgusting projectile baby-vomit! Hahaha--omg I am cracking up now, but at the time...ew! :)

Crystal said...

sign me up!!! those bibs are awesome!!! Is it wrong that i want one for my husband???

Abby said...

My Maguire loved his birthday cake. So much so that he wanted to be sure Daddy--who was acting as his highchair--did too...ALL over his clothes! We brought another outfit for Maguire to change into, but never thought to bring a change of clothes for my husband. Guess he needed a Messy DADDY bib!

Paper Girl Productions said...

aww..such cute pics!!