Saturday, May 24, 2008

My Biggest Secret to being a Super Mom

Transform yourself from Frazzled Mommy to Super Mom with this one easy secret!

Here's one of my secrets that I want to share with you- (drum roll please...) I order my groceries online from Safeway. :) I was worried at first about quality, but they pick out great produce and meats; and I love it.

I go online, usually late at night when the kids are in bed, and start browsing the online aisles. There's a link for seeing what's on sale or the buy one/get one free stuff, etc. After I have my cart full, I can then see my grand total and remove things from it if I want. I would never be able to do this at the real store, without looking really flaky. But at home, I can delete and take things we don't really need if I don't have the budget to spend that amount.

I like grocery shopping online because I can do it while nursing the baby, or in ten minute spurts when it's hectic here. OK, the real reason is I can stay in my pajamas the whole darn time! It takes me about 25 minutes total to get everything I need for our family of five for two weeks in my shopping cart.

There is a delivery fee, usually $10; which really, is worth not needing to take the kids to the store. When we used to live in West Seattle, our house had 17 stairs from the street to the front door. Being pregnant and with a toddler, lugging potatoes and bags of groceries in the pouring rain never was fun. But the delivery guy will do it for you!!

However, I've never paid for delivery. There's this great website that gives you good coupon codes (be sure to add the dot com part to the store name you're looking for) and I always use my promo codes.

So now, it's free delivery, I can limit my spending and see what all I'm getting BEFORE checkout. And I can stay in my sweats and not take the kids to the store. What more could you ask for?

Oh yeah- don't stress about what to tip the delivery man. It's Safeway's policy that "a smile is good enough... tips are not allowed". You can even stay in your jammies when the groceries get delivered too.

Hope this helps a frazzled mom out there that gets so stressed about grocery shopping!