Wednesday, May 7, 2008

March of Dimes

This is a picture of the tiny little feet of Maddox, who was born prematurely at seven weeks early. (Maddox is the son of my husband's cousin Robyn... so I guess he's a cousin too.) Robyn had a normal pregnancy and thought she was having false labor (just like in any other pregnancy we've all had) but the baby was born six hours later.

Maddox and his parents and family are raising money to help support the March of Dimes; an organization dedicated to fund research so that all babies can "have their nine months" in the womb. Premature births can often be caused by illness, birth defects or infection. Luckily, there were no causes found with Maddox, and I know the 27 days he spent in the hospital was a difficult and emotional time for the whole family. The March of Dimes and their hospital were amazingly supportive during this time for them. Their family has supported the March of Dimes for the last few years and even served as an Ambassador Family for them this year, not knowing how the MOD would impact their life directly in 2008 with the birth of their second child. He is now home, healthy, weighing over ten pounds at thirteen weeks old. Hooray!

Robyn is trying to raise $500, and has exactly halfway to go for her goal. Not everybody can donate $250 each; but if twenty five people donate just $10 the math is still the same.

If you would like to be a part of the Arens family's story and help them raise money, go HERE to donate. Thank you!


Kari said...

This picture made me tear! How absolutely precious this little guy must be, and what a tremendous fighter! I am unable to donate at this time to MOD, but I DO do so regularly. Its a charity that is very EASY to work into the budget, when you can see and hear the good they are doing!

Best of all things to you and your family!

LuckyLibra (etsy)