Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Spring break driving you crazy yet?!

Day 1 of Spring Break. Don't think the kids even really remembered there was no school today; as we had one busy weekend! today felt more like a Sunday than anything. I was expecting them to be bored and driving me crazy by day one, but of course they had to go and be awesomely well behaved today! So at least I'm prepared for when the "Mah-ahm, I'm BORED!" stuff hits. Tomorrow, that is.

Here's a few of our favorite things for warding off boredom:

1. Klutz's Window Art book (and paint refills). The book comes with lots of designs to copy and six paint colors. Be prepared to need lots of counter space so the window clings can dry; we use extra large ziploc bags for extra plastic pages to paint on.

2. Klutz's Amazing Airplane book. Sharkboy is really good at folding complicated airplanes, and they fly really good!

3. Family Fun Magazine (owned by Disney)- always has lots of creative, easy to make projects. After a year's subscription you can start to notice the same projects or ideas being recycled; but for only spending $10 a year on a 12 month subscription, it's worth it! The website is good too.

4. The Stomp Rocket Ultra- stomp on the launch pad and the rocket shoots up waaaayyy far. It's so much fun, even as an adult! Has kept the kids busy for hours outside, and even Sweetpea can set it up without help at three years old . An outside toy that they actually play with. Well worth the $10. Just make sure they point the rocket UP, if it's slanted at all it will shoot into the neighbor's house. I mean, the neighbor three houses down.