Monday, April 7, 2008

From the mouth of (my) babes

now that we're on our third child who is just starting to babble and talk, I came up with this idea I really wish I had done with the other kids. It's a kid-phrases journal where you write down the cute little things the kids say that you don't ever want to forget. I'm thinking it's better late than never for the older two kids, and I'll add in their sayings too (the ones I still remember, at least).

Here's a few I remember still from Sharkboy (now 6 years old)

  • water-yum-yum= watermelon
  • sumpin' thang=something "let's do sumpin' thang else now"
  • hi yah- his word for our Taekwondo school when he didn't say many words "we go hi yah?"
  • tookie=turkey AND cookie. one day he kept saying he wanted "tookie" for lunch, and I kept telling him we don't eat cookies for a meal. He got the bread down and started crying "tookie!" and then I realized he wanted a turkey sandwich.
  • Mymall= Michael, my brother
  • Deedle= Christina, my sister
  • I nun-nun-nun no= "I do not know!"

from SweetPea (now four years old)
  • puff puff dolf= putt putt golf (she played this weekend!)
  • injury= energy "eggs give you injury"
  • here's a phrase from tonight- "Mom, I have natural lightbulbs in my hair!" she means highlights in her hair.

and our all time favorite...and our inspiration for the business...

  • babyhoot=bathing suit "I need to find my babyhoot so I can swim!"

OK parents. it's your time to brag and post what your kids say that's super cute!


Rachel said...

lol I love the lightbulbs in my hair comment!
My sister called me waychee until she went to a speech therapist when she was little, she couldn't say r or l :o)

You use such beautiful patterns and colors in your work by the way!