Monday, March 31, 2008

The Wonder Years

My then-two month old daughter gave this book called "Father to Daughter- Life Lessons on Raising a Girl" by Harry H. Harrison, Jr. to Daddy for his first Father's Day with her. Here's a few of my favorite excerpts from the first section titled "The Wonder Years".

-Give her baths. Do not leave this to Mom alone. It is pure magic.
-She may seem adorable, but her diaper will be just as challenging as any boy's.
-Remember, if you yell at a boy not to play with a wall socket, he'll either stomp off or do it again. A girl will cry.
-Never lose the wonder of watching her and her mother together.
-Don't tolerate temper tantrums. Not now. Not when she's 15. Your home will be more peaceful for this.
-Keep her secrets. This way, she will begin to trust men.
-Never laugh at her dreams.
-Remind her never to interrupt when she's being flattered.