Monday, May 4, 2009

You Know, the show with the frozen baby with toilet paper in her head...

Conversation with 5 year old Sweetpea while in the car:

Sweetpea: "Hey Mom, guess what? Today-I-watched-a-really-cool-thing-on-TV-about-a-frozen-baby-and-they-had-to-take-toilet-paper-out-of-it's-head!"

Me: stops paying attention to road. Asks wearily- "I'm sorry... WHAT did you say?!"

Sweetpea: sigh. Repeats self, verbatim.

Me: "A frozen baby?"

SP: "Yeah, it was frozen!"

Me: "What channel were you watching at Grandma's house?"

SP: "I dunno. But they had to take toilet paper out of it's head."

Me: "Oh... interesting." Thinks to self- Better ask husband what she means.

* * *
An hour later... now the whole family is in the car, so perhaps I can get the story straight.

Me: "Sweetpea said she saw a show on TV with a frozen baby on it that had toilet paper in it's head."

Husband: "Are you talking about the elephant show honey?"

Sweetpea: "Well... not an elephant."

Husband: "How about a Wooly Mammoth?"

Sweetpea: "Yeah! That's it! It's a wuly mammomf. And it was frozen."

Husband: "They found a Wooly Mammoth and were taking tissue samples out to study. It was very interesting."

Me: "oh, thank goodness. I was rather worried."


always sunny said...

hahahaha! awww....
she is brilliant.

Kistlerblog said...

SWEET PEA!!! we love you and your way of explaining things :)