Saturday, May 2, 2009

Kentucky Derby Day!

Today I had wanted to take the family and go across to Bainbridge Island to explore- visit the farmers market, the park, and the little shops. well, the kids have had a cold; and with the Swine Flu stuff, we decided it would be best to stay home all weekend.

Still wanting to do something fun, and we realized the Kentucky Derby is on today, we have made this weekend "Horse Weekend"! We watched the movie Dreamer last night, and we're working on fun activities to do today before we watch the races. The kids want to all pick their horse before the race to make it more exciting too.

Sweetpea had a good idea too, she wanted to eat oatmeal for breakfast, since that's what horses like to eat. Now, if only I could come up with a fun and creative dinner menu for the races! All I could think of was "horse burgers with horseradish" which isn't creative at all; and kinda gross.

Luckily, my trusty recipe website,, has a whole section on Kentucky Derby Party food. Looks like pecan pie and Kentucky Hot Brown sandwiches are popular. Hmm...

Here's a family friendly mint julep recipe that I'm going to make tonight.

have you heard about the $1,000 Mint Julep?

I think I'll get out a bunch of ribbons and feathers and such, and let the kids make their own Derby Hats to wear during the race. Isn't that what I save up all those buttons, ribbons and do-dads for? A 'rainy day' project?!

I'm not a "hat girl" but if I went to the Derby, I would go all out. Wear something like this.