Monday, March 30, 2009

explain THAT one....

So the other day, I was talking with my budding artist son in the car. (lots of good conversations happen in the car.) I was explaining to him that people who love doing art can go to an art school and get a degree in all sorts of fun options. He asked what kinds of classes there are, and when I mentioned how some classes you have to draw nude people. Here's how that part of the conversation went.

Sharkboy: "wait a second... did you say NUDE people? As in, naked?!"
Me: "um... yes; naked people."
S: "are they just sort of naked? Or do they show their PRIVATE PARTS?"
Me: "sometimes just sorta naked. But, there are some paintings and drawing of completely naked people."
S: "gross! why would anybody let somebody else see them naked?"
Me: "because some people think the naked body is beautiful, and they want to celebrate what God created."
S: "but you said we aren't supposed to show other people our privates. Why would somebody want to BUY a picture of someone naked? Do they hang them up on the wall?"
Me: "yes. there are some very famous nude paintings made by very famous artists."
S: "Then I never ever want to go to an art museum."