Saturday, February 7, 2009

Good Point.

Questions my kids have asked me this week that I couldn't come up with a great answer for:

"Why do they make my flannel jammies to be so soft on the outside and not the inside? Can I wear them inside out? How 'bout with my socks too?"

"Does Batman have pockets in his suit?"

(my 4 yr old daughter knows it takes an egg and a seed to make a baby) "you know how you can cut an apple in half and see the seed inside? Can you find the seed inside ME if you were to cut me in half?"

By the way, we consulted Uncle Brian, who knows all things Batman. No, he does not have pockets in his suit, he uses his utility belt to attach everything to.

Which led to the next question:

"Mom, can you sew me a babyhoot utility batman belt?"

Good idea, sweetpea.