Wednesday, November 19, 2008

a REAL giveaway from Vinyl Wall Art

Sometimes I find great giveaways on other blogs. But, I'm no dummy when it comes to statistics- the more people that enter the contest; the less of a chance I have to win. So you'll see I don't share contests often, if I really want to win.

But; this is better than a giveaway contest- it's just a giveaway! Creating Cupcakes is one of my favorite blogs to read. Right now, if you blog about her giveaway (found on the blog) you automatically get your choice of a mistletoe design or a snowflake design re-positional wall art. Just for blogging about it! EVERYONE'S A WINNER!! How cool is that?! And, one lucky blogger will win a new set of her fabulous stamps too. You can check out her vinyl wall art site and her new stamp site for my cute stamps to see what lovelies she makes.

And I'm sorry for being such a selfish contest person. I just wanna win. :)