Friday, October 17, 2008

Lost Pets


Last weekend, both of our dogs got out of the backyard, and we couldn't find them. It was awful. We found our male dog Strider just hours after we noticed they were gone, the Port of Seattle police spotted a dog walking on the freeway in front of the SeaTac airport, rescued him, and called us. So our search was really for our other dog, Sydney.

We searched all weekend, and I learned a lot if you lose a dog in Seattle. (update: sorry; it wasn't well clarified. We found Sydney that Sunday morning.) So, if you happen to live here in the area and lose your dog, here's a few helpful hints.

POST SIGNS everywhere in your neighborhood and 5 miles within the area. Make them short and simple- a photo of the dog, "MISSING" or "LOST" printed in big letters, a contact phone number (make it your cell as you'll probably be out looking for your dog). Place them in plastic sleeves if it could rain. Print small postcard sized fliers for people you run into that are out walking around.

CALL all animal shelters, veterinary hospitals and lost pet hotlines.
King County Animal Control: 206-296-PETS
Seattle Animal Control: 206-386-PETS
Humane Society: 425-787-2500

CHECK craigslist- post a "lost dog" in both the pets section and the lost and found section. then check both sections religiously in case somebody posts a "found dog" ad. is also a great resource.

VISIT your animal shelter daily. They say to check in every 3 days. No way. I was there in the am and in the pm to see if they had her. I don't really care if they get tired of seeing me.

TALK TO EVERYONE you see. The postman, and other people walking dogs will notice more than others. Just don't go up to kids and ask if they've seen your dog; that's one thing we warn kids about with our stranger safety classes!!

KEEP LOOKING and don't give up.


MommyJamie said...

is she still missing!? Sydney!