Monday, September 29, 2008

one more reason to hate those wolf spiders

I hate spiders. Very much so. The kids know the rule in our house is that yes, God made them and spiders are good; but they are supposed to stay outside and not be seen. I really hate the big ones with their giant bodies and eight long, yucky legs- I'm not sure if they're in every region, but in the Pacific Northwest, wolf spiders are the big ones that come inside. Ugh.
Tonight Sharkboy wanted to read his new book about spiders to me for his nightly 20 min reading time for homework. We were reading about wolf spiders and he came to this paragraph:

"A female wolf spider carries her egg sac everywhere she goes. She will go back to find the egg sac if it falls off. When they are ready, the spiderlings chew their way out of their egg sac, sometimes with help from their mother. .. Only a few spiders look after their babies. Wolf spider young cling to their mother's back. She will let them climb up her legs if the tumble off."

Do you know what that little stinker said when he was finished reading? "Wow mom, wolf spider moms are really good moms. She's a better mom than you are- she lets the babies climb up her legs!"

I'm sure you can imagine my protests to that comment.


H.E.Eigler said...

That's so cute! (what he said, not the creepy crawlers...ew)