Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Us!

September 1st was our 1st birthday on Etsy and as a shop open for sale. It was a celebration that spanned from the east coast to the west coast- we both made fancy cakes with one little candle; but now we can't get our photos to upload!
Just a few days shy of our 1 year birthday, we sold our 100th item on Etsy. We can't believe how lucky we are- we've had nothing but great customers and fun experiences. We weren't even sure if anyone would want to look at our stuff, let alone buy it!
We're mostly excited about how our customers aren't just our friends and family (although we do love you guys!) but we've shipped babyhoot items to people in more than half the US states, and a handful of countries too! Above you'll see a map we made of where most of our items are.

Thank you everyone for making this such a fun venture, we love it and hope to be around for years to come!
-Jessica & Christina
the babes of babyhoot.