Thursday, August 7, 2008

I really am a winner!

In "Better-Late-Than-Never" News, and "Nah-nah-na-NAH-na!" News, I have finally won something. (Winning the Double Unders Jump Roping contest in 3rd grade doesn't count anymore.)
The sweetest girl I recently met at an Etsy event, Rachel, was having a blog contest in celebration of her 1 year anniversary at her Etsy store called My Little Sunshine... AND I WAS THE WINNER!

It was even really fun to find out I was the winner- click HERE to see the video of her little girl picking my name from the drawing bowl. (and if you watch the video and know what my day job is, you'll agree too that Kung Fu Panda is kinda fitting)

Anyways, she sent me a ton of little pretties, and it was a real treat to open up my box and find so many wonderful little goodies. It was like Christmas morning and Mary Poppins' carpetbag all in one (you know, where she kept pulling things out of her bottomless purse).

Rachel really is one of the sweetest gals you could ever meet. She's a great mom and wife, incredibly talented (she also takes amazing photos) and fun to be around. Plus, her jewelry is exactly what I like- it's simple but beautiful, and practical. Earrings that make a jeans and white shirt outfit look polished; but you can also wear them with a wedding dress. And, I don't know how she knew it but orange creamsicle is one of my new favorite scents/flavors, and I got a cute little lipgloss in that exact flavor- mmm!!

You know I'm pretty picky, and I love her blog (so that means you will too!) Anyways, thank you so much Rachel (and Lanna for picking ME!) and I'm sorry the time between the contest drawing and this blog post is so long.


always sunny said...

my goodness, you are SOOOOO welcome. i was very excited that you won, i knew you woudl just have a hoot. thank you for this wonderful blog! you certainly did not have to do that. it looks great! and thank you for finding me on the front page! really found gold tonight!

babyhoot. said...

you deserve it babe! I'm one of those kinda girls that either loves you or hates ya. :) And, you're on my good side, so I WANT to tell the world how awesome you are!