Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Discovering an Amazing "Undiscovered" Seller

Ever wonder what my house looks like? Well, here ya go- here's a photo I took last week after I finished weeding. *wink wink* OK, OK... you caught me. Only in my dreams would I have a house this beautiful, and only in my nightmares I would be weeding (because who weeds for fun!?)

These photos are for sale in the shop of brand new Etsy seller Michael Carlucci, who was lucky enough to get to go to Ireland to take such great pictures. He just opened his shop the other day- won't you be kind and be the first lucky buyer from his store?!

Sigh. Again, this is NOT my front doorstep, sadly mine is covered with sailboats and great white shark toys and a 5 gallon tub that was something green and pretty at one point. But that's what makes these photos so great; is they give us all hope that someday, we'll have a wonderful charming countryside cottage in Ireland to call home. Or, at least to visit on a vacation someday.