Monday, July 21, 2008

Our Upcoming "Staycation"

Like most families, we're not too excited about going camping this year only because of the high cost of gas. So, today at lunch, our family came up with the idea of having a "staycation"- we'll camp in our backyard! (Actually, I think we'll do it at my inlaws house, as their grass isn't brown and crunchy, and they've got a fire pit AND a hot tub!).

We're going to invite our friends, roast marshmallows, play cards and sleep in our sleeping bags in our tents. Best part, it won't cost $150 in gas to get there! And, as much as I love camping the two things I hate are the bathroom situations and running out of room in the minivan for all our stuff. Stay at "The Gran Staycation Resort" and we'll have a nice and sanitary bathroom with fluffy towels and warm water showers!


Jennifer said...

I love it! Staycations are the new thing. Although I would love to be on a cruise or something our summer is filled with mini staycations.


Bee Square Fabrics said...

I don't know if you watch The Daily Show, but they were discussing the word "staycation" and proposed it should by "holistay." It was a great debate. :)

Either way, our summer vacation is camping too. $20/ night at a campground or $200/ night at a hotel - yep, we're roughing it.

Enjoy the clean bathrooms, and escape to electricity if you need it!


Julie Ann Shahin said...

Roasted marshmellows are the best. We are talking about games to play for staycations at