Thursday, July 3, 2008

No, that's not poo!

Nope, that's not poo on her leg there. (I promise, I would NOT a. photograph that and b. put that on my blog- gross!). It's a bit worse than poo. It's the sticky tar stuff that comes from THESE (see below) when they get hot in the sun:

That's right. My best friend's adventurous daughter, whom I babysit on Tuesdays, crawled over the ONE SPOT in our yard where there was sticky stuff from the railroad ties, and got it all over herself.
Soap and water do nothing to get that stuff off. First, I called my trusty mom and asked her what she thought would work for cleanup. She said she'd get back to me. So then, I went on Etsy's forum boards and posted a "help me!" post. Got lots of results. Use goo gone. (cleaner for paint.) nail polish. Vaseline. Lighter fluid. Gasoline. WD40. all ideas that I wasn't too keen on trying out, especially on somebody else's baby girl.

Then mom called, and said to try olive oil. So I did.

and it worked like magic!! Moms know best. So, I'm posting this for the one day that you too need to remove sticky icky railroad tie tar from your baby's legs. :) You'll look like a genius when you know exactly what to do.


Melody said...

Thanks for the tip! I am sure I will need to remember that some day...
Aren't kids great at finding the ONE thing they shouldn't do, and doing it?

By the way, hairspray removes Sharpie from hardwood floors. I learned that one from my mom, too. :)