Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My Anniversary Vacation

It's my anniversary today! That's right, nine years ago today I married my best friend DJ. Best crazy thing I ever did. (I say crazy because I was a young bride, I had just graduated high school a month before the wedding. And no, I don't think everybody is ready for marriage at age 18.)

To celebrate, here's where we're off to for the next three weeks:

the Taveuni Resort Hotel in... FIJI!!*

"Each individual romantic bure has a spectacular view overlooking the South Pacific and nearby islands of Fiji. All bures are suitable for honeymoons or couples celebrating a romantic interlude or anniversary as they exude privacy and romance.

There are two spectacular ocean front luxury bures and five deluxe bures with stunning ocean views.

Each of the seven modern "bures" (homes) is built of native Taveuni wood. They are stylishly decorated with cool tiles, native floral arrangements and water color paintings.

There are king-sized beds, imported linens, your choice of environmental temperature control (fans or air conditioning) and private romantic courtyard showers with unlimited hot water.

All rooms at Taveuni Island Resort have comfortable furniture, mini-bar, refrigerator, coffee and tea making facilities. Fresh cookies are provided daily. Bathrobes and hairdryers are provided.

The pool water merges with the seaSpectacular views are experienced from every corner of the resort and guests can enjoy the stunning sunset view from the resort's unique clifftop pool.

The rooms are very romantic, with their private outdoor courtyard showers and wonderful views. The resort is very popular with honeymooners and guests celebrating a wedding anniversary or renewing their vows.

One of the two luxury ocean view bures is built on the cliff edge where the resort, the reef and the garden romantically mingle. Both luxury ocean view bures offer enchantment and privacy.

The Taveuni Island Resort Resort staff are wonderful, caring, fun and ultra friendly. Guests feel as though they are part of our family. A beautiful Fijian lady, Mere, does wonderful massage and aroma therapy, through the head and neck right down to the feet."

*this is an "e-vacation", where we just look at pictures of Fiji online and pretend we're there as we sip fancy fruit drinks with little paper umbrellas in them.


Jennifer said...

I was super jealous.

Hope you enjoyed your e-vacation and your anniversary. I had it on my calendar, but forgot to you a happy anniversary greeting.

Sweetest Petula said...

Congrats! That is so awesome!

always sunny said...

oh jeeze, i thought you were really going...hahahah.