Monday, July 7, 2008

The Grand Ol' Switcheroo, Part 1

lost my mind the other day and agreed to switch the kids' rooms over this weekend. That means, turning the shark room into a room for both sweetpea & sweet baby, and turning the baby's pretty purple room into a(nother) shark room for shark boy. And, I can never do anything "so-so", so I had to go all out. We're not finished with the details, but here's some pics.
[photos of sharkboy's new room will be for tomorrow, as I forgot to take the finished photos and it's midnight right now!]


sharkboy's last photo in his old room. I'll miss the sharks. They were cool.

oops, looks like all the kids need a "before" shot.

this is the ceiling, with the light in the center of the room

work in progress

paint's done! Can't believe how much kilz, and primer it took to remove blue walls and ceiling with sharks, just to paint with new shades of blue.

new blue paint, with new sheets and duvet for sweetpea (and a new bed!), re-furbished dressers and headboard painted in bright aqua, stole the curtains from the family room, new white bookcases from a friend, stole the short 3x3' cubby from the family room for shoes and backpack storage by the door, and moved the black chandelier from the old purple room to this room.

gave the girls a dressup corner, you can't see it too well but I used their old coat hook for play jewelry.

sweet baby had fun finding where her toys were now located.

I wanted something bright and pretty with polka dots, with all the colors you see, and on sale. Sure enough, this duvet set and sheet set by Wamsutta was marked down to clearance, and then half off, from Linens and Things! Sweet Pea wanted NO WHITE in her bedroom, because "white is boring". Only the bookcases are white, and she didn't notice. Now, I need to sew the canopy for her bed and make a cool mod/artsy mobile for above the crib. After I find my sanity. :)

This is my favorite. I took the old (hand-me-down x2) white dressers we had, painted them a bright aqua color and then spray painted them with silver glitter. So cool! You can't tell in the photos, but this is NOT the same shades of blues as the walls. It's quite bright in there!!


always sunny said...

WOW. you did a lot of work. i think i would have nightmares if i slept in an aquarium every night. he is so brave!!!