Sunday, June 29, 2008

My healthy Harry obsession

I love Harry Potter. Not the kid, but the movies and books as a whole. Sweet Pea's birthday was a HP theme. Our first week at Taekwondo Summer Camp this July is a HP theme (and it's gonna ROCK!). So, since I don't have the patience for an Etsy Treasury, I'll just make one on my blog! Here's a few items I've got bookmarked that I love.

This trio should arrive in my mailbox in the next week. But you can get your own set from ConsistentlyCandice. Made from recycled plastic bottles made into felt. How cool is that? My Harry Potter obsession is goin' green!

adorable graphics on these handmade pins by Nuriaayma.

super cute HP handbound notebooks by CelesteFrittata. Perfect for your Hogwarts studies.

Harry Potter mosaic by Finalscore. I love mosaic pictures!


T.Allen-Mercado said...

I've spoken to my therapist about the Etsy treasuries problem, glad it's not just me ;) and Harry is quite the buzz about these parts too.