Monday, June 16, 2008

Little People Art (no, not art for vertically challenged people)

You remember playing with Fisher Price Little People, right? Remember when we were kids, they were the choking-hazard size, probably with lead-filled paint with no arms and legs? With the little carousel and airplane and play house... Oh, I miss them. My mom kept some of my old toys, luckily, but we all know they just aren't safe for our kids to play with nowadays.
I know that the new ones are shaped better for little hands, toddlers won't choke on them or get lead poisoning, but they just aren't the same. But look what I found to get my dangerous-vintage toy fix! Greeting Cards and prints of our favorite stubby friends from PlayFamilyHouse!
A framed "school class picture"- how fun is that?!

Greeting Cards that are just so cool to send.

Check out her shop, it's super cute and Jennifer is super nice. And you know you want to grab some greeting cards for the next baby shower you've got, right?!


LeaKarts said...

I miss the originals too! A friend of mine had painted hers with mohawks in high school and we would re-live our childhood by staying up all night playing with them (yes, in high school--but I will embarrass myself anyway!). What a cute shop.