Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Seattle Cheese Festival '08

What did I do this weekend, you ask?! Let me tell you! We went to the Seattle Cheese Festival at the Pike Place Market. My best friend's hubby Josh and I both sadly love cheese way too much. (We don't love the weird cheese that whinos like. we love cheese that 4th graders love. sharp cheddar. plastic-y nacho cheese. that sorta stuff) and when I found in February that on his birthday in May that Seattle was having a cheese festival, of course we had to attend! (We kept the plans a secret and told Josh we were going to the Wooden boat festival on Lake Union)

this is the shirt design I had LucyKitten design for Josh as his birthday gift. She rocks!

The crowd was decent. It seemed like the lines that were the longest generally had the worst cheese samples. My favorite- a gouda by I-don't-remember. Weirdest one I tried- sharp cheddar & lavender. It tasted like... a mouthful of sharp cheddar cheese and lavender flowers. gross.

Sharkboy took this picture of the Pike Place Market sign. It was such a pretty day!

Old, old, old bricks that once served as a road in Seattle. Not much original brick is left in the city. So pretty.

We are proud to say that we hated this cheese the most. Being UW Husky fans, it delights us to say that once again, Wazzu sucks. Even in the cheese department. From the look on Josh's face; and considering that he even spat it out (and he ate all the other samples, good or bad) I decided I didn't need to try it and would trust him.

Sweet Baby didn't like many of the cheese samples, but she was entertained by her brother snapping photos! Sharkboy took most of these photos posted today.

Trying to decide which six mini cheesecakes to take home for birthday cake. (hey, for a cheese birthday party what else would expect us to eat?!)

Top, L-R: chocolate/espresso; triple chocolate, white chocolate raspberry
Bottom, L-R: triple chocolate, caramel, and mint chocolate chip.


Marissa Fischer said...

oh I'm so jealous, I want to go to a cheese festival! and those cheesecakes look so wonderful