Saturday, May 17, 2008

"It Just Smells... Wonderful"

KOBO soy candle in D'ANJOU LYCHEE This candle is so yummy. really. I bought it at Sweet Petula last Saturday during the trunk show. I never would have thought I would have liked the scent from the name- I've never eaten a quince and I got grossed out when trying lychee (but I do like jasmine) but this one smells so wonderful. Not too strong, and you can't really pinpoint what exactly it smells like (everyone can guess lavender, rose, and other scents instantly. not with this one). I'm really picky with candle and lotion scents too. I don't wanna have my house smell like my grandma's house! (sorry grandma. it's just too old lady-flowery at your place.)

My little sister summed it up when I asked her what she thought it smelled like- "it just smells... wonderful".

I burn it when I'm at the computer or sewing. I figured, I spend so much time doing both; I deserve a $35 candle!